Determination of Critical Product Parameters for Proteins from Research to Production

Presented by: David Golonka, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology, and Felix Deluweit, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: November 8, 2023

During this webinar, we share the diversity of various light scattering techniques for characterizing a wide range of protein samples and their applicability in pharmaceutical research.

We start the webinar by highlighting the potential of dynamic light scattering (DLS) as a tool for rapid and straightforward aggregate detection, as well as its value in executing extensive formulation studies and predicting stability.

This will be followed by applications of multi-angle light scattering (SEC-MALS and FFF-MALS), showcasing its ability to provide absolute molecular weight, oligomerization, and conjugate analyses.

We will conclude with an introduction to real-time MALS, offering real-time insights and enabling direct process influence on attributes such as molar mass, size, and particle concentration.

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