Leveraging Advanced Analytical Technologies to Expedite the Development of Antibody Drug Conjugates

Presented by: Eric Miller, Ph.D., Abzena, and Colette Quinn, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: February 28, 2024

A critical step in the development process for an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) is establishing scientifically sound analytical methods that measure key product quality attributes to support pre-clinical activities and downstream clinical release and stability testing. By leveraging key technologies and platform analytical methods, drug developers can expedite an early-phase biologics’ path to IND by removing analytical method development from the critical path.

Join us on an exploration of the analytical characterization required to confidently assess the ID, safety and efficacy of an antibody drug conjugate (ADC). We will start with a practitioners view on the requisite analytics and then shift to several case studies where multiple techniques, from mass spectrometry to light scattering, were used to interrogate these complex protein conjugates.

This webinar promises a comprehensive look at the analytical processes and technologies needed to successfully advance ADC development.

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