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Novel Ways of Screening Colloidal Nanoparticles Under Preclinical-relevant Conditions


Presented Live: October 3, 2017

Speakers: Ashwinkumar Bhirde, Ph.D.

Colloidal nanoparticles have shown tremendous potential as cancer drug carriers and as phototherapeutics. However, screening the stability of nanoparticles under physiological and phototherapeutic conditions is a major challenge which needs to be addressed in order to ensure a successful clinical translation. The design, development and implementation of unique programmatic screens using a high-throughput dynamic light scattering (HT-DLS) plate reader are described herein for automated hydrodynamic size measurements of colloidal nanoparticles. The data obtained from such measurements provide clinically-relevant particle size distribution assessments that are directly related to the stability and aggregation profiles of the nanoparticles under putative physiological and phototherapeutic conditions. Notably, those profiles are dependent not only on the size and surface coating of the nanoparticles, but also on their composition.




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