Supporting Sustainability: A Comprehensive Case Study on PLGA and PLA Polymer Characterization and Optimization Using Light Scattering with Triple Detection

Stepan Podzimek

Presented by: Stepan Podzimek, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: February 13, 2024

Growing concern regarding plastics pollution is driving an increased demand for sustainable polymers in industries from personal care to medical devices. Carefully tailored polymers that are specifically designed to readily degrade at the end of their useful life play a crucial role in addressing these concerns. To evaluate and enhance the material properties of these novel polymers, scientists rely on a wide range of analytical techniques including chromatography, thermal analysis, and rheology. Of these, SEC-MALS with intrinsic viscosity is an absolute method for deeply characterizing those polymers so they can be optimized for the desired outcomes. Moreover, light scattering can be used to monitor the process and completeness of the degradation, either through biodegradation or alternative mechanisms – a critical parameter when evaluating sustainable polymers.

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