Unraveling the Complexity: Advanced Analysis of Polymeric Nanostructures

Presented by: Susanne Boye, Ph.D., Institut Makromolekulare Chemie and Robert Mildner, Ph.D., Waters | Wyatt Technology
Presented Live: August 29, 2023

Supramolecular structures formed from bioactive and responsive polymers can be used as smart carrier systems for enzymes or drugs. Given the inherent heterogeneity of these complex nanostructures, their characterization is a significant challenge.

In this exclusive webinar, join experts Dr. Susanne Boye and Dr. Robert Mildner, to learn more about asymmetric-flow field-flow fractionation (AF4), a versatile, state-of-the-art separation technique for simplifying sample matrices, enabling subsequent microstructural analysis. Coupled AF4 with multiple online detectors (multi-angle light scattering, dynamic light scattering, differential refractometer, UV/Vis and differential viscometer) provides rich data for multidimensional characterization and correlation.

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