Multi-Angle News – September 2017


Virtual Method Optimization and Size Analysis for FFF

Flow-field flow fractionation (flow-FFF) offers highly versatile separations for the analysis of complex fluids, covering a size range of macromolecules and particles from 1 nm to 10,000 nm. However, flow-FFF is often perceived as a difficult technique to learn because of the multiple parameters available for adjustment.

Our new SCOUT DPS® software simulates flow-FFF from basic physical principles, enabling the virtual optimization of flow-FFF methods and opening up the power of flow-FFF separations to non-experts. SCOUT DPS also analyzes particle size distributions (hydrodynamic radius) by elution time to increase characterization capabilities. This publication in The Column explains how it works.

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Wyatt Solutions

Our new Solutions Catalog combines Wyatt’s product lines, applications and services into a single comprehensive booklet. It also includes personal statements from the Wyatts and our customer support team leaders expressing our commitment to excellence in science, quality and customer service..


Characterization of Polymeric Excipients with Size Exclusion Chromatography and Light Scattering
Sept. 21

Novel Ways of Screening Colloidal Nanoparticles Under Preclinical-Relevant Conditions
Oct. 3

User Meetings

Protein & Biotech
DC Region: Sept. 20

Light Scattering
Indianapolis: Sept. 26