Size, particle concentration and molar mass measurements have never been easier


Size, particle concentration and molar mass measurements have never been easier

With DYNAMICS Touch, installed on a DynaPro® NanoStar® II, you can easily perform top-quality DLS/SLS measurements to determine size, molar mass and particle concentration in just seconds.

The intuitive touch interface guides novice users through setup, data acquisition, analysis and reporting. Automated data quality assessment allows even first-time users to understand their results and troubleshoot any issues that may have led to poor measurements.

  • Routinely measure size by DLS, molar mass by SLS and particle concentration from both, using a straightforward, streamlined graphical interface designed with the casual user in mind.
  • Check if your nanoformulation process produced nanoparticles of the correct size, on the spot.
  • Quickly screen samples to ensure sufficient quality for extended characterization techniques like SAXS, SPR, SEC-MALS or FFF-MALS.
  • Archive data to a central location or import into DYNAMICS® for more in-depth analysis.

Dynamic and static light scattering results at your fingertips

DYNAMICS Touch runs directly on the spacious external touch-screen display of the DynaPro® NanoStar® II.

The powerful, graphically rich interface guides you through every step and requires virtually no training in the operation of the instrument.

DYNAMICS Touch automatically presents the user with a concise results summary after each measurement, and you can store all of your data securely on the instrument. You can also generate shareable PDF reports in moments. These may be shared over the intranet, downloaded to a USB flash drive or even sent to your mobile phone or tablet.


DYNAMICS Touch provides simple navigation and guidance.


Data analysis on the go or in DYNAMICS

Data files may be sent to a network location or downloaded onto a USB device for extended analyses in Wyatt’s DYNAMICS desktop application. You can also manage commonly used cuvettes, custom solvents, and other key parameters directly in DYNAMICS Touch to streamline your workflow ensure all users are performing the same analyses.

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