Can I integrate my DynaPro® Plate Reader with a robot in my high-throughput lab?

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The DynaPro® Plate Reader offers fast throughput with well plates of up to 1536 wells. For even higher throughput, the DYNAMICS® software that controls the Plate Reader offers an API for integration with a robot for well plate transfer and liquid handling. This control is available via the DYNAMICS Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables external control of DYNAMICS software through a COM interface. The DYNAMICS SDK with the DynaPro Plate Reader provides a wide range of automation possibilities and has been successfully used for integration with robotics in high-throughput laboratories around the world.

What the DYNAMICS SDK includes

The DYNAMICS SDK includes documentation of all supported commands, an example C# project utilizing the DYNAMICS COM interface, and an SDK module activation key. Example commands include opening and closing the instrument door, loading and saving an experiment, and setting the instrument temperature. Some robot vendors have already integrated their software to call these commands and control DYNAMICS and the DynaPro. In other cases, the SDK allows the robot software developer to add commands for this integration. An SDK activation key is entered into DYNAMICS to enable the control. Each instrument integration requires its own key. The SDK is compatible with DYNAMICS 8.x and DYNAMICS 7.8.1 and higher. Besides enabling integration with the DynaPro Plate Reader, the SDK also works for robot integration with the DynaPro NanoStar® and Mobius .

Robotic integration in action with the DynaPro Plate Reader

For a video of automated plate transfer ad more information about robotic integration provides, see this video.


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