Reviewer’s Choice Awarded for DAWN

SelectScience Award

At the recent Pittsburgh Conference (PittCon) held in Chicago, IL March 6-9, 2017, Wyatt Technology was pleasantly surprised to learn that we had won a Scientist’s Choice Award® from SelectScience. The active roster of 300,000+ SelectScience customers were invited to participate in the process by nominating, voting and reviewing companies of their choosing.

With such illustrious—and much better known companies (Agilent, Bruker, Thermo and Waters—to name but a few) in the mix—Wyatt Technology carried the trophy away for the Reviewer’s Choice Award™ for Instrument of the Year for the DAWN MALS detector. At first we (Dr. Wyatt, Cliff and I) figured that this was probably going to turn out to be a “LaLa Land” type of Academy Awards goof, but when the applause died down no one was running around whispering that a mistake had been made! And no one from any of the afore-mentioned companies tried to take the trophy away from Dr. Wyatt.

View Dr. Wyatt's acceptance speech here.

Read the editorial article of the Choice Awards here.

The award recognizes the significance of our customer service and support, as well as the engineering and technical know-how that goes into every DAWN. We were thrilled to be acknowledged in such a public venue, and with such prestigious competition. But none of this would have been possible were it not for the enthusiastic voting of our loyal and delighted customers. Without them we’d all be working elsewhere. Their feedback, criticisms and accolades have all coalesced to make us the company we are today. We want to thank them for pushing us to be even better.