SANTA BARBARA (November 22, 2014)

Wyatt Technology Corporation is pleased to announce that Michael Larkin, Wyatt Technology's Director of Research and Development, was recently elected to be a Fellow of the American Physical Society. This honor, limited to no more than one-half of one per cent of membership of the APS, is a highly distinguished recognition of Dr. Larkin's contributions to industrial and applied physics.

Since joining Wyatt Technology in 2001, Dr. Larkin has been responsible for some key innovations and improvements in Wyatt's industry-leading products for macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization. Among others:

  • The Optilab rEX revolutionized the capabilities of on-line differential refractometers through a novel beam deflection detection scheme. This product was recognized with the R&D100 Award and PittCon Editors' Silver Award of 2005 for extending the dynamic range of measurement by up to 50x relative to all comparable products. Its current incarnation, the Optilab T-rEX, provides even more sensitive performance while maintaining the amazing dynamic range of the rEX.
  • The DynaPro Plate Reader opened new vistas in dynamic light scattering by providing highly automated, high-throughput measurements of nanoparticle and macromolecular size where all previous instrumentation utilized single-measurement cuvette operation. Among other uses, the DynaPro Plate Reader II has become a workhorse of biotherapeutic development, enabling biopharmaceutical companies to bring their products to market more rapidly than in the past.

Recommended for fellowship by the APS Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics, Dr. Larkin's citation reads as follows:

"For his insight, innovative skills, and abilities to transfer physical concepts and laws into the creation of viable analytical instrumentation widely used by both industrial and academic communities."

This achievement represents the third Fellowship in major scientific organizations for Wyatt Technology, following previous elections of Dr. Steven Trainoff as APS Fellow and Dr. Philip Wyatt as a Fellow of the APS, AAAS and OSA.

We congratulate Michael and wish him continued success in his endeavors to provide the scientific community with exceptional, cutting-edge instrumentation.