Wyatt and Waters Software Integration

We are excited to offer our customers the benefit of wider choices as a result of the deep investments we are making in an integrated Waters and Wyatt portfolio. This includes an integrated software for Waters LC and Wyatt instruments. Today we offer several options for connecting to our instruments.

The Present:
Digital and Analog
Waters-Wyatt Connectivity

Wyatt Technology’s ASTRA software and family of DAWN MALS detectors are digitally integrated with the Waters Arc and Arc Premier. These LC's are controlled by the ASTRA software through HPLC CONNECT. Customers with an Arc or an Arc Premier and Wyatt MALS instruments can purchase HPLC CONNECT 4 today and take advantage of integration with the ASTRA software.

HPLC CONNECT for Waters allows scientists to run SEC-MALS from a single, familiar environment using the ASTRA software’s full digital synchronization. This minimizes user errors by allowing the ASTRA software to control the Waters HPLC stack, import digital UV signals, control fraction collectors, and monitor status of key Waters components from the ASTRA software.

The Future:
More Digital Waters-Wyatt Integration

Other LC systems from Waters are still supported through analog connections. This configuration supports transfer of multiple Waters UV or RI signals and the contact closure signal from an autosampler (to synchronize sample injection and data collection) into the ASTRA software. See TN3601: Waters HPLC Connection Guide for Wyatt Instrumentation and TN3610: ACQUITY UPLC Connection Guide for Wyatt Instrumentation.

This new version of HPLC CONNECT will support the ACQUITY Premier system in early 2024 with availability to quote today. Support for Waters LC modules in VISION software with Eclipse FFF systems is also expected by early 2024.


Together, Waters and Wyatt will continue to invest in integrated solutions to help scientists accelerate the collection of scientific information necessary for innovative research.

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