LSU Training Dates - Europe

Wyatt Technology Europe's Light Scattering University (LSU) training courses are held in our European headquarters in Dernbach, Germany. They are guaranteed to de-mystify light scattering and explain how to get the most from your Wyatt Technology equipment!

Course Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
MALS LSU Start: 9:00 End: 13:30
DynaLSU/PALS Start: 9:00 End: 14:15 *)
FFF Start: 12:30 End: 16:15
ViscoStar Start: 12:30 End: 13:30

*) = with own samples: 16:15

(All times are CE(S)T)

Any combination of trainings MALS plus one of the others is possible in the same week.

When you enroll for one of our training courses you can expect intensive hardware and software training in our newly established and spacious laboratory. You can also expect to have a lot of fun, even though you're working hard!

2023 In-Person LSUTrainingLanguageStatus
June 13, 14, 15MALSFrenchAvailable
June 15, 16DynaLSUFrenchAvailable
June 20, 21, 22MALSGermanAvailable
June 22, 23DynaLSUGermanAvailable
July 11, 12, 13MALSEnglishAvailable
July 13, 14DynaLSUEnglishFull
August 22, 23, 24MALSEnglishAvailable
August 24, 25FFFEnglishLimited Availability
September 19, 20, 21MALSGermanAvailable
September 21, 22DynaLSUGermanAvailable
October 10, 11, 12MALSEnglishAvailable
October 12, 13DynaLSUEnglishAvailable
November 14, 15, 16MALSEnglishAvailable
November 16, 17FFFEnglishAvailable
November 16, 17ViscoStarEnglishFull
December 12, 13, 14MALSGermanAvailable
December 14, 15FFFGermanAvailable