Three Wyatt Generations

Wyatt Family

3G isn’t just a telecommunications term anymore. It’s also an abbreviation for the three generations of Wyatts working at Wyatt Technology this summer. While there have been 2G—or two generations—of Wyatts working at Wyatt Technology for more than thirty years, this summer we welcomed Spenser Wyatt, Geof’s son, to intern under Ross Bryant, Wyatt Technology’s Vice President for Sales & Marketing, doing Market Research. Besides investigating instrument population density throughout the United States, and researching new sales tools, Spenser has audited Light Scattering University and surveyed students about their experiences at LSU. Spenser is a rising Junior at Emory University, in Atlanta, GA, and, like his father, is leaning towards a liberal arts degree. Meanwhile, Spenser’s grandfather, Phil, and uncle, Cliff, have been encouraging him to take some Physics and Chemistry classes! Cliff’s own son, Jake, is too young to work at the company yet, but has expressed in no uncertain terms his desire to run the company to fund his Lego acquisitions!