UHPLC and Light Scattering: Absolute and Fast

Multi-angle light scattering coupled to size exclusion chromatography (SEC-MALS) or field-flow fractionation (FFF-MALS) is the most robust and reliable method for characterizing heterogeneous polymers. Only SEC/FFF-MALS can determine the distribution of these properties independently of retention time and molecular standards, and regardless of non-ideal interactions:

  • Absolute molar mass
  • Size and
  • Conformation

To enjoy all the advantages of UHPLC — high throughput and low sample/solvent consumption — and MALS — absolute determination of molar masses from 200 Da to 10 MDa and radii from 10-50 nm — upgrade your UHPLC-SEC system with light scattering by adding a microDAWN MALS detector and an Optilab® dRI detector.

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The microDAWN can be coupled to any UHPLC-SEC system to determine absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers, peptides, or proteins directly, without resorting to column calibration or reference standards. Just 1.5 μL of interdetector broadening make it the only true UHPLC MALS detector.


A unique on-line differential refractometer for measuring concentration of any macromolecule, regardless of chromophores. The microOptilab offers the highest sensitivity, largest dynamic range and lowest dispersion af any commercial UHPLC dRI detector.