How do the next generation of Wyatt instruments assess whether my system is ready to run?

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Maintaining a clean system is critical to ensuring high-quality SEC-MALS data as contaminants contribute to noisy or drifting light scattering baselines which can decrease the signal-to-noise ratio, obscure meaningful signals, and lower the accuracy of measurements. Wyatt’s NEON generation of instruments feature a multi-touch front panel display that provides a live system readiness directly on the front panel through a new Dashboard.

Live health indicators

With this new front panel interface, live health indicators report short-term noise, long-term noise (wander), and long-term signal stability (drift), along with a forward monitor reading showing the amount light transmitted through the flow cell. The health indicators will be displayed in green when the instrument is ready for data collection, in yellow when there is a suboptimal reading, or in red when the system requires immediate attention. Pressing a health indicator will make an information icon appear that can be selected to provide suggestions for improving the system health. The system status provides a live indicator of the ready state of the instrument.

Forward monitor health indicator

The forward monitor health indicator on the dashboard is useful to determining if your flow cell has an obstruction, such as an air bubble or partial clog.

Noise criteria

The noise criteria can be set to two presets (narrow and wide) and thresholds can even be customized—enabling total control over the criteria you need to have the utmost confidence in your data:


The new Smart Services Platform™ extends to our entire line of MALS detectors (DAWN, miniDAWN, and microDAWN) as well as our ViscoStar and Optilab instruments with appropriate system assessment criteria for each. Reminders for preventative maintenance and other recommendations for ensuring the overall health of your instrument can also be displayed in the History Tab on each instrument, such as purging an Optilab or ViscoStar.

With the new advances to the front panel display and real-time system monitoring, we hope to make assessing your system readiness for data collection even more straightforward. Utilizing the health indicators can maximize your system uptime, ensure suitable operating conditions, and increase your confidence in your light scattering data.

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