What online resources does Wyatt have for new users?

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Our New User Guides available on the Wyatt Support Center walk you through the background information and tips and tricks that will get you started collecting great data. By watching the videos, reading the guides, and going through the software tutorials, you'll quickly gain expertise on using your Wyatt instruments. They are located in the Learning Resources tab along with additional training materials.

New User Guides

Under New User Guides you can select from SEC-MALS for size-exclusion chromatography coupled with a DAWN®, miniDAWN® or microDAWN® multi-angle light scattering detector; DLS for dynamics light scattering with DynaPro® instruments; or FFF-MALS for field-flow fractionation using an Eclipse along with a DAWN MALS detector. Get started with the Welcome to the Wyatt Family! video on the Overview tab, then continue down the left-hand pane through the presentations and tutorials.

SEC-MALS New User Guide

The SEC-MALS New User Guide is for new MALS instrument owners (DAWN, miniDAWN, microDAWN as well as ultraDAWN) and covers light scattering theory, presentations on how to set up and run SEC-MALS experiments, data processing and best practices, tutorials for ASTRA® software and troubleshooting help.

DLS New User Guide

The DLS New User Guide helps new DynaPro® NanoStar® or DynaPro Plate Reader owners get up to speed. It covers light scattering theory, setting up a Plate Reader or NanoStar DLS experiment, using our DYNAMICS® software for data processing, best practices and troubleshooting.

FFF-MALS New User Guide

The FFF-MALS New User Guide for Eclipse owners provides basic theory for light scattering and field-flow fractionation. It goes through setting up FFF-MALS experiments, using the VISION and ASTRA software, developing and optimizing FFF methods, data analysis and interpretation, and best practices and troubleshooting.


Once you finish viewing the New User Guides, go ahead and explore the other tiles under Learning Resources. We have many other resources on the Support Center to help you get the most out of your instruments including video tutorials, searchable FAQs for self-help, Virtual Meeting presentations, Technical Notes and Resource Guides. You can also find answers in our Ask the Expert column archive.

Do you have a question? Contact our experts here in Customer Support. We’re happy to help! Call +1 (805) 681-9009 option 4 or email support@wyatt.com.