2020: Year in Review, Wyatt Technology Outreach

2020 has been a year to remember! Throughout this time of uncertainty and change, the Wyatt team has been hard at work bringing light scattering news to the scientific community. For starters, we produced a fresh crop of reference materials to help further your research, such as new and updated application notes, white papers, technical notes and publication lists. While in-person events such as Light Scattering University and regional user meetings could not take place, we moved to a successful series of virtual user meetings and workshops. Continuing our practice from recent years, we organized monthly webinars presented by guest lecturers and Wyatt scientists. Our newsletter continues to be published each month to keep you updated with the latest news and resources. Below are some of the highlights of these activities in 2020.

New Products

We’ve listened to your input and feedback for developing several exciting new products this year. The Eclipse field-flow fractionation (FFF) system launched in October 2020 and represents a breakthrough in FFF technology for separation of macromolecules and nanoparticles. VISION software version 3.0 complemented this launch with major extensions in functionality and user guidance. Earlier in the year, we announced the release of ASTRA® 8.0 software, which provides new features for analysis of viral vectors such as AAVs via SEC-MALS. November introduced DYNAMICS® 8.0 software for DynaPro® and Mobius DLS and ELS instruments, offering significant improvements for both expert and novice users.

Wyatt Technology Store

Instead of calling us to place an order, this year we saw hundreds of US and Canadian customers register for an account on the Wyatt Technology Store to order parts and accessories. The Store allows you to browse our most popular consumables, review your order history and easily place repeat orders online. If you have questions on which SEC column is best for your application, check out our user-friendly SEC Columns Guide. By answering a few questions about your sample, our SEC Column Selection tool will guide you to a recommended column based on your input. In addition to ordering parts and accessories, you can also inquire about our training courses, IQ/OQ validation and service plans.

Virtual User Meetings & Workshops

In past years we held regional in-person events, primarily for customers but also for those seeking out in-depth and direct information on our products and solutions. As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, we moved all of these events to an interactive virtual format, featuring a new topic or application each month. In June we focused on Viral Vectors and Bio-Nanoparticles while our September virtual user meeting discussed Polymers, Light Scattering and Viscometry. To view the agendas and video presentations, click here.

Resource Guides

These updated booklets, in electronic and hardcopy versions, include new applications, techniques and products.

  • Solutions Guide: “Solutions for Macromolecular and Nanoparticle Characterization” combines our product lines, applications and services into a single comprehensive booklet.
  • Biologics Guide: Peruse “Characterization of Biologics and Complex Drugs” to learn how we can help you research, develop and manufacture modern therapeutics—including biological and non-biological complex drugs.
  • Accessories Guide: In “Accessories and Services: System Enhancements for Greater Productivity” you can view accessories, maintenance tools, service plans, training and validation standards that will enhance the use of your system.


Wyatt Technology instruments are cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications. We collate them and provide an on-line search and filter functionality so you can view a list of the publications by application, author, journal, analyte or DOI. Currently we have 16,702 total publications in our database with over 760 added just this year!


Live webinars, hosted by popular industry media platforms such as LCGC, C&EN, BioPharm International and Cambridge Healthtech Institute, are held monthly on a variety of topics, case studies and applications. On-demand versions can be viewed directly on our web site. This year some of our most popular webinars were:

Application Notes and White Papers

This year we produced several new reference materials in the form of white papers and application notes. On our website they are organized by application and technique, so you can browse them here. The latest materials are listed below:

Featured Customers

In our monthly newsletter, we feature one of our customers and highlight their career path and how Wyatt instruments assist them with their work. Find out how others are using SEC-MALS, DLS, FFF-MALS or CG-MALS in their research, with applications ranging from polymers and polymer-drug nanostructures to AAV characterization and vaccines.

We miss you! Thanks to our customers and the broader scientific community who are developing vaccines against SARS-COV-2. With a little assistance from Wyatt instruments, we hope it may be possible to return to in-person events soon. Thank you for your flexibility and support throughout the year - stay tuned for more updates and news to come in 2021 from Wyatt Technology.