Wyatt Technology Europe

Wyatt Technology Europe Team

Outfitted with modern application laboratories as well as service and training facilities, the Wyatt Technology Europe (WTE) headquarters, based an hour north of Frankfurt, Germany, is a hub of activity. The large, diverse team of scientists, engineers and support staff conduct monthly seminars, Light Scattering University , sample analysis testing, preventative maintenance and repair services. In addition, the WTE team provides technical and application support to our subsidiaries and distributors across Europe.

Wyatt Technology Europe has state-of-the-art instrumentation including the the entire Wyatt analytical instrument suite - which includes the miniDAWN®, the DAWN®, the Optilab®, and the ViscoStar®. Batch DLS instruments like Dynapro® Plate Reader and NanoStar® or the Calypso® for CG-MALS are available also. Seven LC stations are available for the test measurements, four equipped with the Wyatt Eclipse® for FFF experiments. On-site visits to customer laboratories to carry out test measurements on their samples with the Wyatt instruments are also offered.

Unparalleled customer support and application consulting is the mission of our European headquarters. Most of the staff hold doctorate degrees in related sciences and have years of experience in macromolecular and nanoparticle characterization enabling us to better serve our customers needs. To contact the European office, please email support@wyatt.eu or call +49 (0) 2689-9250.